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About us & how we find dead people

We "unpuszzle your past", so you don't have to.   And, while historical research does not always have a guaranteed outcome, we do our utmost to fit the pieces together, thus providing our clients with as needed genealogical research support, both remotely and in person, including developmental report writing, both formal and informal, as well as personally conducting all copy writing and proof-editing of research reports for clients, transcription services and archive preservation, along with any online and printed documentation for the company, including publications, manuals, and correspondence. 


  • M.Cate Campbell-Connor is an accomplished educator and lecturer with combined experience of over 30 years in the field of academics, research, genealogy, and archival studies. 

  • B.A. in Education with areas of concentration including "Children's Literature & Writing", "Physics", and "Science Education", with minors in "Medieval Literature" & "Art Restoration"

  • Thesis: "Viewing the Renaissance with Eyes Wide Open: Which Came First, Art or Science? ~ The Debate of Integrating Fine Arts with Pure Sciences"

  • Emphasis on Writing (Creative, Technical, & Formal), Research Techniques, and Ancient Histories

  • Areas of concentration include: "Folklore of the Highlands of Scotland and Ancient Ireland"

  • A.A. in Geological Studies, with emphasis on Paleontology and Geomorphology

  • In progress: Dissertation: "The Cross-Cultural Influences of Invasion and Migration upon the Folklore and Oral Histories of the Native Peoples of Ancient Scotland and Ireland"

  • Currently pursuing a Canadian Certificate in Genealogical Studies from the National Institute for Genealogical Studies, with major areas of concentration being "Canada and United States Records"  with minor areas of concentration including Ireland, Scotland, and England

  • Founder / President of Our Lady of Grace Catholic Homeschool

  • Owner / Consultant of Educational Services Consultants

  • Freelance Editor, Archivist, Copy Writer, and Research Consultant

  • Volunteer / Archivist for Worlds Archives Project

  • Volunteer for Find-A-Grave database

  • Member APG, FGS, ICAPGen, Richard III Society, FEEFHS, NEHGS, HSLDA, HSF, & others

  • Professional Educator, FLCert#569442

  • S.C.U.B.A., PADI

  • Navigation & Seamanship, U.S. Coast Guard

Curriculum Vitae ( CV ) available upon request by serious enquirers