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... Preserving the Memories

As a member of the Association of Personal Historians, we are dedicated to helping individuals, families, organizations, and communities preserve their valuable histories, memories, and life stories through means of written and digital publications an archives.  

As your Personal History Detectives, we are dedicated to helping you preserve your memories for future generations.  We gather up all the loose pieces of data and sort them, like a jig saw puzzle.  They are each important to the whole story, and just need someone to lay them out on a table and begin the sorting, and organize them into a flowing story.  Whatever your project goal, our aim is to help you achieve it.   Memoirs can be as small or become as extensive as you desire.  From digital archives to hard bound books, the combinations and possibilities of gathering antiquities are endless.   Perhaps you are in need of the creation of a sourced pedigree for application to ancestral organizations.  Or, looking to write down and publish your family traditions and folklores.   Maybe you want to publish a heritage cookbook!   You might even have most of the research completed, but are missing a few of those pieces from the box.  Whichever your circumstance that has led you herein, we are glad you came to the PHDs.