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Restoration & Preservation:  Why it is important and the urgency thereof.

We take out insurance on our home and car, as well as collectibles and jewelry.  Why not then have insurance against loss of documents, old photographs, keepsakes, and memories?   Old photographs and paper keepsakes are precious and delicate objects. Using state-of-the-art digital tools and software, we are able to scan, digitize, and preserve your keepsakes. Whether a tear, crease, water damage, mold, sunfade, or spots, we will scan and digitally re-create items that have been damaged AND take the necessary steps to protect against possible loss of any important documents and/or images BEFORE loss happens.   Click <here> to read more.

Photographic Restoration Services  

Photgraphs of different ages present different problems.  They chip and crack, they peel and fade.  The old cardboard can crumble at your touch.  The simple caress of your fingertip, ever so gentle and loving, can unwittingly result in the application of acids and oils from your skin, causing further deterioration of the image.  Keeping them on display puts them at risk from light, both sunlight and artificial.  Humidity can have an impact as well as temperature.  There are a myriad of other problems which can plague old photos.  The one thing that is certain though, is that once the photo is gone, it is gone, UNLESS you have a copy, digital, scanned, printed, or otherwise.  Click <here> to read more.

Document Preservation and Archival & Digitization Services

Paper preservation requires both appropriate handling procedures and an environment for proper storage.This means storing your family papers in a stable environment,  which too often individuals are unable to provide, mostly as a direct result of the localized climate in which you live; or, because you are unable to afford to build and house your documents in an environment similar to the National Archives.  Click <here> to read more.