Deep Roots ~ Tangled Vines ~ Twisted Branches

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T.A.P.S  .... we find dead people

Finding your ancestosrs is our passion!  Are you ready for a journey of endless possibilites? 

Here, at TAPS, we find dead people....your people....your ancestors.  And, yes, we find live people as well!

Get ready to embarq upon a treasure hunt unlike any other you have before.  Genealogical research of the family is akin to having a large box into which many smaller boxes of jig saw puzzle pieces have been dumped and tossed.  Some get lost, stuck in the cracks of the box.  Others get damaged, corners bent or chipped.  And, they are ALL in the mix, waiting for someone to lay them out on a table and begin the great sorting and finding out which pieces really do connect.

The exploration of your family can take many facets.  At time trails grow cold.  There are brick walls.  But, eventually, we chip away at the walls and re-route the map.  Perhaps you are looking for a long-lost connection.  Or, maybe your great-great aunt spoke of a prominent historical figure being a member of the family.  Or, you just want to know from whence your people came.  From creating pedigrees to forging new relationships, whatever your aim, our goal is to help you achieve it.  

A hunt such as this can remain as small or become as extensive as you desire, uncovering paternal and maternal antiquities and little know facts.   Using Ancestral-DNA testing to find European origins.  Perhaps you are in need of the creation of a sourced pedigree for application to ancestral organizations.  Or, looking to forge new relationships with long-lost family.  Or, even writing down and publishing your family traditions and folklores.   You might even have most of the research completed, but are missing a few of those pieces from the box.  Whichever your circumstance that has led you herein, we are glad you came.